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5 Responses to Paintings.

  1. tobias says:

    gillar diva verk verkligen 😉

  2. Tania Linede Arvidsson says:

    Fina och intressanta målningar du gjort.

  3. Terhi says:

    Hey W,
    its been a long while since talking to you,
    stopped using this email some time ago, new one up there, in case here as well, I hope you are ok in every way, would be nice to hear more from your current life,
    take care,
    Terhi Eveliina, Zapata, Stokkolm 2007-8 XXX

    • Terhi says:

      ps: let the past be the current behind, live the days you have here and now, hope you have the best life possible with everything, good luck,
      hope the currents carry where ever you choose to,


  4. Samuel says:

    I like very much the ambiance you create with your paints….

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